Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

Letters from and to Mr. Sherlock Holmes, 221B Baker Street.

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At the turning of the new year, I find myself in the most morose and black of moods.  There has not been a single case worthy of my special attentions since October.  Has all the enterprise gone out of the minds of the criminals of this city?  Is there no future for my profession?

I am certain that you are in the best of spirits in your new life, though I cannot help but wonder at your lack of returning correspondence.  Perhaps it is simply that you are away on holiday or that your attentions are possessed by something of trivial importance.  Nevertheless, I find it a relief to express myself to you, my dear friend, the one man on whom I may thoroughly rely.

Eternally yours,

My Dear Holmes,

I fear my departure for such an elongated period of time may have resulted in a consequence of which I cannot forgive myself, should it have caused any detriment to your person. Indeed, I confess, I had but travelled to America on a proposition which required my immediate care, yet it was only to be temporary, for a few months. Had I known the lack of criminality would be so severe in the duration as to cause your reaction, of which I am learning only too late, I dread, I would not have dared to tread a step out of London. Pray tell me of the nearest time at which I can present myself to you in my sincerest apology.

-Dr John H. Watson

Friend Watson:

I would be most appreciative if you would report yourself to 221B post-haste.  I have devised an experiment to determine the decomposition rates of bone in a number of caustic chemicals, and I fear that without someone to chronicle the affair, days of work may be wasted.  It has given my mind a whetstone on which to retain the sharpness of the blade—though nothing can ever replace my proper work—and I would be more than delighted to share your company as well as your insights.

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